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For an experienced Centennial, CO bankruptcy attorney, the experienced legal professionals at our firm can offer you the excellent representation that you deserve. If you are struggling financially, the experts at The Law Office of Cheryl A. Miller, P.C. are here to offer you the guidance that you need to get out of debt. You should not have to face the prospect of bankruptcy on your own. Our experienced, trustworthy attorneys can help you to get out from the stress of debt.

If you are facing a seemingly unending amount of debt, whether from being laid off at your job, divorce, medical bills or other reasons, it is important to understand what your options are. We assist people with both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies. Bankruptcies are not for everyone, so if you are considering this option, we will discuss the details and obligations involved and help you to decide which option is most suitable for your circumstances.

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Chapter 7
If you are considering bankruptcy, you are not alone. With the economic downturn many Americans are turning to bankruptcy to get out from under debt. Understanding your options and figuring out the best ways to protect your property are important decisions. Here at The Law Office of Cheryl A. Miller, P.C., we assist individuals with Chapter 7 bankruptcies in order to get a fresh start. Our Firm is readily available and able to handle consumer bankruptcy matters and is dedicated to providing effective, efficient, and personalized service to each client. If you are experiencing collection calls, monthly cash shortfalls, pending foreclosure, or garnishments, contact our Firm today to find out how we can help.

What are the Requirements of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?
A chapter 7 bankruptcy usually has the following steps: you must complete a credit counseling course; you must file with the Court a bankruptcy petition and include a statement of your assets and liabilities and copies of your payroll vouchers and recent tax returns; within 20-40 days after filing, you must attend a meeting of creditors and answer questions about your financial situation; and you must complete a personal financial management course.

In most cases, once all of the above requirements are met, the bankruptcy court orders a ?Discharge of Debtor? which is an order that stops creditors from being able to collect on debts that are discharged.

How long does a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy take?
Approximately 90 days from the time you file; although, your case can take longer if the trustee collects assets that are not exempt.

What is the difference between a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and a Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Chapter 7- known as a fresh start. Usually appropriate for people who have a lot of credit card debt and/or medical bills or other unsecured debts. If your household income exceeds the median income for households of your size, you may not be eligible for chapter 7 and you may be required to file under Chapter 13. Also, if you own substantial valuable assets or have more than $60,000 in equity in your home, Chapter 13 might be a better option.

Chapter 13 - Debt reorganization involving repayment of at least a portion of your debts. This chapter is for people that do not qualify for Chapter 7 either because they have too many valuable nonexempt assets or too much income. Repayment plans last from 3-5 years and are set up through the bankruptcy court. The plan involves determining how much money you can afford to pay to your creditors and then actually paying that amount to the Chapter 13 trustee's office for the life of the plan.

Important notice required by Federal Law: We are a debt relief agency pursuant to Federal Law ?524 of Title 11 of the US Code. We provide legal assistance and help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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